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Crossfit vs Powerlifting – A Training Rant

I’m not gonna lie. i didn’t even watch the ESPN thing everyone is babbling about on Facebook. I will say, however, my commentary is directly soley at the commentary I have witnessed thusfar. As of 11:36am, Facebook has informed me: Crossfitters aren’t real atheletes – no tech and careless Crossfitters are weak Powerlifters are fat […]

And then there was suffering

Someone on Facebook posted: Suffering doesn’t make you better. But you won’t get better without suffering. Incorrect.  Tons of people get better without suffering, initially. Consider (as lifters), n00b gains. Train consistently in the very beginning you’ll see your lifts travel upward (most likely). And you can ride that out. You didn’t really have to […]

Passion wants blood

I was quietly lifting on a balmy sunday morning. Through gentle clouds of chalk and age old dust I dimly see my loaded barbell. It taunts me, it mocks me. I wind and pull my stiff wraps around my once-delicate wrists, grimacing as I feel it start to bite into the soft flesh. Sucking in […]

Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do

I recently found out a training partner of mine wished I wouldn’t focus so much on the bigger numbers. It drove me wild. Don’t get me wrong I understand where he was coming from. But that’s not my style and it never will be. Some people are motivated by their PRs. I’m not. An old […]

If Being Skinny Wasn’t the Answer Maybe Women Would be Healthier

I ask myself why there are articles written about women and strength training all the time. Many of them contain little to no useful information. In reality, the “meat” of these articles can be summarized in the following: Women do not need to train any differently than men. Lifting weights will not make you bulky […]