Crossfit vs Powerlifting – A Training Rant

I’m not gonna lie. i didn’t even watch the ESPN thing everyone is babbling about on Facebook. I will say, however, my commentary is directly soley at the commentary I have witnessed thusfar. As of 11:36am, Facebook has informed me:

  • Crossfitters aren’t real atheletes – no tech and careless
  • Crossfitters are weak
  • Powerlifters are fat and deconditioned

Fellow Blogger, Christine writes on Facebook:

It amuses me to no end when people who “specialize” in certain sports or activities outright bash other sports and activities with no valid reason behind it.

Having been that person once, I see now how ridiculous it was, and it spoke worlds about my own insecurities with my physical abilities. The only reason someone is going to relentlessly hate on another sport, IMO, is because they themselves lack the athletic ability to do it, and thus their ego takes a serious hit. So the only logical thing to do is talk shit about it.

Bad technique and training occurs in ALL sports. Injuries are present in all sports. And you know what else we all have in common? We all work really fucking hard to do what we do. If you have a problem with what others are doing, ask yourself why. Is there something lacking in your life?

If I got winded walking up the stairs, I guess I’d be pretty annoyed with people who didn’t. Then again, I’d probably also do something about it instead of bitching. -___-

It got me thinking. You know, it never bothered me that people had opinions. It really just bothers me how classless people are (and self righteous) to insist their opinion is “the best” opinion. Or, in fact, so correct that it must be validated by hundreds of people on social media so they can be the RIGHT(EST).

Keyboard warriortry has never been attractive. Armchair coaching isn’t the same thing as actually going through the motions.

There’s so much criticism about how x-fitters may train…. coming from powerlifters none the less. Powerlifters by large use the phrase “do what works for you.” If we accept that to be true, who are we. really, to comment on whether how they train is wrong or right.

You can’t trash an entire sport because of shitty trainers or coaches. No one ever bagged on weight loss (the action) for those horrible diet clinics that keep their clients on 1200kcal diets. In that case, the “blame” is on the correct party.

There’s the argument that there isn’t a lot of “regulation” (not sure this is the right word here) for x-fit certifications. I ask you, have you ever tried to get the most basic personal training certification? The most basic one. You really don’t have to be a rocket scientist to past the test. Oh, and passing the test (with zero experience) doesn’t give you a good understanding of how to program for clients either.

And to that end, some of the best training advice I’ve ever received were from people that have been doing this for decades, and don’t have a piece of paper indicating they are certified to give me advice. Rest assured, they were plenty qualified.

Can’t we all agree to disagree?

After all, if what you’re doing works for you… who is anyone to tell you otherwise?


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