And then there was suffering

Someone on Facebook posted:

Suffering doesn’t make you better. But you won’t get better without suffering.


Tons of people get better without suffering, initially. Consider (as lifters), n00b gains. Train consistently in the very beginning you’ll see your lifts travel upward (most likely). And you can ride that out. You didn’t really have to suffer for that, and look! You’re better.

Then comes the harder part.

Gains slow and taper, the loaded barbell you were so sure you owned and would grip and rip, lays like a ton of bricks securely cemented to the floor. Your shoulders snap, crackle, and pop doing every day movements like reaching over your head.

All of the sudden, it’s not so magical anymore.

Pay attention now, there is where people usually give up.

Every added pound is a grind. Every session demands you to focus. Maybe you can’t sleep as well because you train late and your CNS is jacked from the session. Your appetite takes a nosedive from stressing your system. You can’t drive long periods of time without wanting to roll out or stretch because your back hates it. Meanwhile you’ve got everyone in your ear telling you to eat an entire pizza, or come to the bar on a Saturday night. You’ve got your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband asking why you’re at the gym all the time. And JUST when you think you can’t fucking take anymore…


And the voices subside. The doubt subsides. You remember how satisfying it is to know you’ve cheated death and injury another day. You’ve bested something that seems against the odds.

  1. the state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship.

No, suffering does not make me better. Yes, i can get better without suffering. Maybe because to me, the concept of suffering is such a defeatist attitude.

I struggle. I grind. I hustle. I don’t believe hard times last forever. I trust myself to always land on my feet.

So suffer, if you must. Cry about how you’ve tweaked something, bitch about how it hurts.

Or accept that the hurting comes with the territory. So are the tweaks and the potential for injury. So are the missed nights at the bar. Find someone who wants to share the barbell with you instead of trying to mold your significant other into something he or she isn’t.

And when it gets hard? Because it will…

#grind #hustle #persevere




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