Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do

I recently found out a training partner of mine wished I wouldn’t focus so much on the bigger numbers.

It drove me wild. Don’t get me wrong I understand where he was coming from. But that’s not my style and it never will be. Some people are motivated by their PRs. I’m not. An old training partner planted in my head: If you can triple bodyweight pull raw and natural, that’s monster status. And that has been the goal for the past 2 years. Triple. Bodyweight.

Then I met my (then) boyfriend. His kindness, patience, watchful (and critical) eye, made my triple bodyweight goal a certainty. With him, it was no longer a question of IF but a question of WHEN. And that’s where I am. Until I discovered what the world record is for my weight class. My little asian eyes grew big and round as saucers. I MUST HAVE IT.

This is a mental sport more than anything. Does it seem like I’m trying to run before I walk? Damn straight. But I’m patient in working towards my goals. I grind, day in and day out. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get what I want. Call it tenacious, call it ambitious, call it foolish… Call it whatever you would like. But the certainty that my goals are very real, very possible, and there for me to take? That is what sets me apart from others. That is what makes me believe without a doubt I am a force to be reckoned with. It is because of these big goals, the big picture (so to speak), that the steps I take make sense to me.

My training partner once said you can’t go from deadlifting 800lbs to deadlifting 700lbs. This is how I can justify my “700 lbs.” Because there are so many things that need work. So many tweaks, so much strength to gain. In the words of my (then) boyfriend, I need to find the most efficient way of completing the lift.

The next time someone tells you that you shouldn’t dream big, you should ask them what possesses them to think you should dream small. Small dreams mean small fails, and yes it cushions the blow if you fall short. But riskless rewards are progress, not rewards. A PR never tastes as sweet without a bigger dream. A PR becomes acceptable.

In my world a PR is a stepping stone. In my world, being content is unacceptable.



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    The Road To 1650 seems to be too long to some. I counter that they do not see how long it truly is. That’s because 1650lbs is simply my current goal. When I hit 1650lbs raw, I will cross the border into another town and The Road To 1650 will have a new name. The Girly Powerlifter hit it on the head in that sense. Although, I’ll take the PRs as I go – motivating fuel for the road.


  2. […] come to my attention that another weight lifter/blogger feels the same way. In her post, “Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do,” Sin Leung describes her motivation and why she does what she does. Her motivation has […]


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