Strength Training and Mood Swings

I’ve been lifting for maybe 4 years. I’ve been a competitive powerlifter for about a year and a half. On a personal level I’ve been informed by doctors before I most likely have a hormonal imbalance. But I honestly refuse to look into it because even if they did offer me a pill to level it out, I wouldn’t do it. That’s just me personally.

My friend told me our CNS is so closely tied with our moods we can tell when we’ve been going super hard for maybe a bit too long when you fall headlong into a long depression spree. That was me. But of course, I can never tell until it’s too late. I stayed like this for close to 8 weeks.

I started rating my daily mood in a calendar on a scale of 1-10 so that I can keep track of what’s going on. I personally can never tell if I’m feeling low because I have a reason to be or because I’m a little imbalanced again. I highly encourage it for any lifter (especially if your’e competitive).

I have only ever really trained with men. My best friend and training partner is a 284lb bear. My exboyfriend/friend was a 190lb bear. My coach is a 400lb+ bencher. I’m just surrounded by men all the time. The closest I come is occasionally seeing my teammate Noriko, a fellow 123er. But day in day out, I interface with men.

This has actually made my CNS/mood swings very hard to vocalize. Why? Because I can never tell if I’m batty, emotional from PMSing, or actually training myself into a mood swing. Thus my mood tracker helps me a lot. As a lifter I’ve found this to be an invaluable tool since I can objectively see if I’m on a downward spiral that is not tied to my female cycles. I can take this back and talk to my coach about my programming so we can work around it.

Train Smarter.


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