Squat Session: Tech Changes and Observations

This will probably be long, bear with me.

Tonight was an interesting night. I was scheduled to hit 2 waves of squats, tapering off volume and amping up intensity. All sets were videoed. A few things about these numbers before I begin my little analysis.

I’ve mentioned before I suffered a groin injury last year around April. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time after RUM trying to bring it up to par with the rest of my lifts. These particular numbers were more in line with what I was hoping to hit getting ready for RUM 6, but fate had other things in mind. I don’t have a whole lot of training footage to share with you guys, but take my word for it they were pretty ugly. Maybe when I have a little bit of extra time I will dig some up for you.

Anyways, tonight’s session:

225x3 1 (Thanks for my training partner who brought me back in too early), 235×2, 245×1, 230×3, 240×2, 250×1

Total sets: 6

A couple changes that were made to my squats thusfar:

  • Brought my hands back in slightly – to prevent my elbows from flaring out too bad at the bottom and turning my squat into a heavy good morning
  • Conscious attempts to “screw my feet into the ground” to create a more stable base. I have a hypermobile back, through a considerable amount of research my boyfriend brought this MobilityWOD video to my attention, which has made a huge difference in my set up.
  • Slowing down the negative – I have depth issues, I can never quite tell when too deep is too deep until I get there. Slowing my negative has allowed me to load a little bit better and feel where the stretch reflex takes over.
  • Trying to eliminate some unnecessary movement. Keyword: Trying. If you look a some old squat stuff it was way worst.
  • Shifting the weight of the bar to the outside of my hand (sounds weird creates a slight external rotation) which has given me some more upper back tightness. I’m reasoning this has a lot to do with why people suicide grip bars – even though that is not for me.

Overall I was reasonably satisfied with how this went. It was definitely a lot smoother than my old squat sessions with comparable volume.

Ok, let’s rip it apart:

  • I really need to stop dicking around with my set up. I’m guessing this has a lot to do with not enough experience yet working with that weight. Mayhaps I need to spend a bit more time working on walking out at a lighter weight to figure out where exactly I want my feet to be. Practice makes perfect. Oh, and I’d like to stop smacking into the rack.
  • I do this really bizarre hip thing, a product of trying to get tight, a product of not being tight on the walk out.
  • I do a weird torso rotation thing. Happens when I smack into the rack as I’m walking out (more on this in a bit).
    I’m beginning to see some kind of common theme here.
  • The speed of my descent varies, lack of complete assurance about where, exactly, my depth should be.

Some things discussed post squat session: (I’m sure there’s more to this, but it’s like 8am and my mind’s still a little foggy)

  • Pulling the bar back away from the rack when I set up to give me some room in case my feet are too far forward or too far back, I won’t be forced to good morning the thing out of the rack.
  • I kinda want to stop walking back so far, where am I even trying to go? 0_o
  • I really need to find the time to figure out how I want to walk out. Things like let’s not shift my weight from foot to foot as I figure out where exactly I should go.
  • I need to start pausing at the top of my squats. I see a bad habit forming…
  • Patience – hahaha. A lot of it, I bet, comes with experience. I’m not the most patient person in the world, I’ll be the first to admit it. This is probably the youngest lift I have. A lot of tech and style issues are being worked out as I figure it out as I go.

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