Your Relationship Is Making You Fat

“I gained x-lbs during _some event in life_”

That’s usually how it begins. The conversation, not the weight gain.

I’m going to argue here that if you are going to go there, there’s a pretty good chance you were fat way before you gained weight. Yes, I’ve been there. No, I don’t hate you for where you are in life. But I’m still holding onto my theory. Being fat is a mindset. brought on by a lot of things, but it is perpetuated by your unhealthy relationship with food. So yes, your relationship is making you fat.

“If you’re good you can have dessert.” How many times have you heard a parent say this to a child? Or you’re going out to eat because it’s your birthday, or graduation, or [insert some special occasion here]. Then it becomes “Oh my boyfriend broke up with me…” As you shove your spoon into a pint of Ben and Jerrys in your pajama pants on your couch clutching a pillow and a box of tissues, hating yourself for every bite you’re taking but doing it anyway.

Your relationship is making you fat.

Food is meant to fuel your body and mind. It should not be used exclusively as a form of reward, or punishment. Take a minute before you eat next time, and before you take a bite, as yourself if what you’re about to put in your body is going to help you achieve your goals for the day. You’ll be amazed how often you’ll change what’s on your plate. A few less Starburst, add half of an avocado…

Listen to your body. Don’t just randomly go on some crazy fad diet that involves you ripping out whole food groups for the sake of “making you skinny.” You’re just further damaging your relationship with your food.

The food isn’t there to make you fat, it doesn’t want you to be fat. Seriously, say that out loud “My food want me to be fat.” It even sounds ridiculous.

So I’m going to suggest something crazy. You know how when your relationship with someone (say your boyfriend) goes to hell you start going all nuts and googling stuff about relationships or talking to your friends? Yeah, go do that.

Start looking into what exactly eating clean actually means. Don’t accept hearsay, really look into it. After all, when you have relationship problems you usually seek out more than one opinion right? This is absolutely no different.

When you’re ready, integrate that to an extent that you feel comfortable. Experiment. Find foods you digest well and enjoy eating. Discover foods you never thought you would try.

Repair your relationship with your food and you can start repairing your relationship with your body. It’s worth it, trust me.


One comment

  1. As a mum of 2 (2&4) I use the food as a reward system, I know I shouldn’t, I’m trying not to but man it’s a difficult habit to break. Food is easy, it’s there and it works as a reward (which when you just want your kid to stop screaming FOR FIVE SECONDS PLEASE is very tempting) but you are right it shouldn’t be used as one.


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