Bench Lessons Learned – Set Up Change

So last night I challenged by boyfriend to find me someone that benches like me so I could analyze videos and see if there was anything I was missing or could try out. The end result

Oh, there’s some footage of my bench somewhere…

God that’s weird looking. I haven’t even looked at that in over a year. Ironically it’s the same meet I am getting ready for now (in this year, obviously). Back to my point.

The similarities in bench styles:

  • Wide grip – this is new
  • Big arch
  • Small range of motion
  • Vertical groove

Right about 0:22. Total lightbulb moment. His butt is in the air as the bar is lifted out of the rack, he settles back down before he begins the descent. Wonderful!

I was called out for having my ass off the bench for my last two bench attempts at RUM so my concern regarding this has been somewhere in the back of my mind.

I started integrating this into my bench set up and I’m loving it.

The lesson of the day: Find lifters that have your leverages and check out their tech (assuming they have solid tech). There might be a small tweak you can try out and see if it fits! If it works, keep it, if it doesn’t, onto the next.



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