Starting the New Year Right!

So this blog is started in the middle of me getting ready for RUM. I managed to drag my training partner out of bed this afternoon to hit the gym with me before they closed up due to holiday hours.

Which I find weird, I did gym sales last year… New Years Week is normally like Christmas for gyms but whatever.

Hit my Squat today and moved some crazy volume, which my coach is crazy about.

Squats: 220x3x1 215x3x2
Paused: 195x3x1 200x3x2
Andersons: 225x5x1 245x5x3
Wide Stance: 135x5x2

My left hip is screaming at me right now. An old injury I had right before my first meet in March 2012.

The wide seems random, I know. It kind of is. I just felt too beat up after my squat volume. Plus I’ve been experiencing a pretty irritating tech issue where I kept tilting.

Frustrated and pissed off as hell, I decided to pull off my Rogues and put my trusty chuckies back on. Lo and behold! Easier to hit but clearly hip is still weak from lack of real use.

New Batman Kicks!

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It’s too late now to be changing anything but I think I will continue to train my wider stance until I can get it all caught up.


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